Activate Conversations with Patients about Healthcare Decisions.

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Create a Better Waiting Room Experience for Your Patients

Whether you are an individual practice or a large healthcare system, improving communication for patients through education is critical toward driving better health outcomes. HMN’s Point of Care solutions provide the most current health news, lifestyle segments, and customized practice messaging specific to your practice.
  • Patient-tailored programming
  • Timely health content on wallboards
  • Condition-specific doctor-discussion guides
  • Health & fitness tips and trivia
  • Local news & weather
  • Industry partner messages
  • Public service announcements
  • Customized practice messaging
  • Video message announcements

Waiting Room Education



HMN Solution: Digital TV

We install HDTV monitors in waiting rooms and deliver relevant, non-repeating and dynamic customized programming. HMN maintains, updates all the necessary equipment, and provides training and ongoing technical support for custom messaging software. All programming is monitored and managed through an advanced remote monitoring software.

You will receive:

  • HDTV monitor
  • Media player
  • Complete installation
  • Custom practice messaging tool
  • Video message announcements
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Unparalleled customer support

Patient-Tailored Videos

HMN Solution: Healthy Living Wallboard with Doctor-Discussion Guides

HMN provides you with the opportunity to further strengthen relationships with patients in the waiting room through our exclusive Healthy Living Wallboard and Doctor-Discussion Guide distribution program. This enhanced patient education mechanism includes timely and insightful medical information that impact physicians and patients to support a critical dialogue at the moment of care. Your patients and staff will receive:

Healthy Living Wallboard:

  • Condition-specific content
  • Content is written by prestigious content partners
  • Highlights important health information to enhance the doctor-patient discussion

Doctor-Discussion Guides:

  • One-on-one education and support
  • Condition-specific content
  • Patients can take these with them to keep them in a healthy living mindset

HMN Custom Messaging: It’s About Building Patient Loyalty

HMN puts your practice and health system front and center. Our custom messaging platform provides you with the ability to create custom messages to drive a stronger dialogue with patients. You will be able to:

  • Brand your health system or practice
  • Announce local health fair & events
  • Promote community involvement
  • Upload timely messages
  • Acknowledge and celebrate awareness months and holidays
  • Customize video message announcements

Speak directly to your patient population during their wait time.

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