Meet Our Team: Joe Petrosino

Joe Petrosino joined Health Media Network in 2013 as Chief Revenue Office. Joe has had an impressive career working in the media industry at such places as SSC&B, Lintas, Griffin-Bacal, Grey Disney Adventures, Meredith Publishing and Healthline. And now, we have him at Health Media Network! As part of our leadership team, Joe helps drive brand partnerships and provide the best possible solutions to help them reach their goals. And, he thinks that’s pretty cool.

If you weren’t working in the Point of Care space, what would you be doing?
I went to NYU to learn how to be a movie director, so I might be in LA making movies. Somewhere between Scorsese and Tarantino feels right. Or, I’d be one of the best Point Guards in the NBA.

Would you rather be liked or respected?
I don’t view them as separate things. I think they go hand in hand. Each begets and fortifies the other. So ideally I would like BOTH.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
After many years in ‘big media’ my inner entrepreneur came out and I developed a taste for shaping earlier stage companies. I have been fortunate to join several companies at a time when the product was developed, but the revenue strategy was unclear. I took that on, implemented the right strategies, and helped those companies realize exponential revenue growth.

What would people/colleagues be surprised to learn about you?
I’m a true musician at heart. I play the bass, drum and guitar. I LOVE to sing. In my car. But, no one will ever know. Unless, of course, you happen to be in my passenger seat.