Meet Our Team: Donna Turgeon

Donna Turgeon joined Health Media Network in February 2018, and since that time, has helped HMN to develop the Provider Recruitment team based out of Tampa, FL. We’re interested in getting to know the executive behind the many wins coming out of HMN Florida. We recently sat down with Donna to ask her a few questions … and we were surprised and intrigued by the answers! A mail truck? Yes! A mail truck! Without further ado, please enjoy this executive spotlight, and get to know Donna a bit better!

Tell us about yourself, your company, job profile, etc.

“I captained multiple high school and college varsity sports – softball, basketball, diving, gymnastics, cheerleading, track and field/cross county (State Champs, yay!) – and I saw how my choices impacted others. I learned to get the facts together, consider my goal and our circumstances, make the necessary decision, and not look back. This strategy has followed me throughout my career – and I’m confident in the decisions I’ve made because they weren’t haphazard.”

What business skills are you most proud of?

“I experienced a profound “lightbulb” moment many years ago when I was promoted into a combined sales/product management role. All of a sudden, I could see how operations tie into the sales environment – and how collaboration and communication can make both the front and back office successful … or not. My pursuit of these diversified skills ultimately lead me to HMN and I’m thrilled to have the mandate to unite sales and operations. Under Chris Culver’s leadership, we’re at the tipping point of creating something very significant in the healthcare point-of-care space.”

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

“My dad was my hero. He valued loyalty, hard work, education and core values like showing respect and living by the Golden Rule. He’d work really hard all day and then come home and look around the house and say, “What else can I do?” He approached his responsivities so naturally – you just knew that if something needed doing, he’d get it done. And he never made a big deal of it. I still think of his example every day and strive to live up to it.”

What would people/colleagues be surprised to learn about you?

“I know how to drive a mail truck. I had a USPS summer job throughout high school. Once or twice a week, my route would take me to the local submarine base where I delivered nuclear submarine design plans … with a police escort! This sounds exciting, but it was so serious! I felt very responsible. This job taught me to live up to my commitments – neither rain nor shine nor whatever: you couldn’t come back with mail undelivered!”

What is your “superhero” talent?

“I can redesign sales organizations on the back of a napkin. My colleagues call this my “Napkin Math”. Napkin Math played a role in the first draft of our commercial strategy for one of the world’s largest networking organizations, Cisco Systems, as well as in an MBA thesis that redesigned my company’s entire sales organization from scratch. Altogether, Napkin Math has affected 4 sales and 3 channel organizations, representing 350+ sales people, and tens of millions of dollars in sales. Who’s got a napkin handy?”