Comparing plan choices is important. As patients, we are all involved in the management of our own healthcare more than ever. Life changes and insurance needs shift with those changes. Whether you recently got married, had children, have a new partner, changed jobs, or have experienced a change with your personal health needs, your insurance plan choices need to support where you are in life.

During the annual Open Enrollment period, it’s a chance to review health care coverage and see if changes are needed to be made for the next year.

It can be an overwhelming time around such an important decision. As healthcare continues to transition to a value-based model, consumers are more financially responsible for and engaged in improving their health.

That’s where Health Media Network steps in.

As one of the leading healthcare media networks in the U.S., we can leverage the power of the Point of Care environment for your business. You will reach patients and providers where healthcare insurance matters most – at the doctor’s office. ALL patients and healthcare providers engage with insurance. It is part of the daily dialogue and can often times drive healthcare decisions and actions taken. It is one of the most central and important aspects toward leading healthier lives.

Helping educate patients about their insurance choices is truly life changing. There is no more important environment affecting healthcare than at the doctor’s office. Insurance can affect and drive better health outcomes. Consumer-centric care and patient engagement are top priorities for over 70 percent of payers, yet those efforts are not apparent to patients.*

Our communication platform of digital waiting room tv’s, wallboards, and mobile solutions provides you with the ability to reach your target market with educational messages that will help guide them toward making the right insurance decisions – which ultimately leads to better health outcomes for both patients and the insurance companies who serve them.

Are you ready for open enrollment?

Find out how we can put the power of Point of Care marketing to work for your business.

Be part of the Open Enrollment conversation. Now is the time.



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