4 million babies are born each year in the U.S

The needs of moms and new moms is greatest when a baby is born.

For parents of newborn infants, much of the advice that they receive about health and safety comes from many different sources—family, friends, blogs, magazines, online resources, social media, etc.

Following the birth of their babies, they need advice on everything from how to put babies to sleep, breastfeeding, immunizations, pacifier use, nutrition, and much more. Advice from experienced healthcare providers for both babies and children is the most important and most trusted source of correct recommendations for parents.

85% of children aged 5-11 years are in excellent or very good health, but there are still health concerns.

The biggest healthcare conditions affecting children in the U.S.:

  • Overweight, including obesity (70%)
  • High blood pressure (51%)
  • Hypertension (30%)
  • Hypercholesterol (27%)

Source: CDC



Moms want nothing more than to provide the best care possible for their newborns and children.  Millennial moms are a key market for brands. One in five moms is a Millennial.+ They account for almost 90% of the 1.5 million new mothers.^ They are not only taking over the workforce, but they are now also overtaking the U.S. as parents.  They are becoming more powerful in the parenting world and marketers want to connect with them.

Source: +Target Marketing, ^US Census Bureau data


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