Connect, target and retarget patients during their entire health journey.

Health Media Network Point of Care platforms reach patients at the right place, at the right time, and when they are in the right frame of mind to make informed healthcare decisions. With innovative mobile technologies, we are able to deliver messaging to patients in a profound new way, and extend the reach for advertisers beyond the Point of Care — pharmacy, work, home, and beyond. 

“Mobile advertising has come a long way in recent years. The right mobile strategy combined with a Point of Care campaign produces great results.”

Location, Defined.
Point of Care is all about location-based advertising, and mobile is no different. At HMN,
geo-fencing allows us to get granular in defining exactly where our mobile ads are served. In addition, our recently deployed beacons across a vast majority of the network is bringing hyper-local targeting capabilities to the Point of Care space—an industry first.

High-accuracy location-based targeting of key sites and destinations, combined with precise timing of ad delivery helps drive relevancy for the patient. Couple that with a digital and static ad campaign at the doctor’s office, and you have a homerun. With HMN Mobile Health, we are seeing mobile ad engagement significantly higher than industry average.

The ability to retarget mobile devices that have come within our geo-fenced and beaconed locations means advertisers can now follow the patient beyond the Point of Care. This brings unique opportunities to deliver strategic brand messages to patients’ devices during their health journey.

Enhanced Targeting, Amplified Messaging

Tapping into mobile also brings new data points. Aggregated audience data enables improved reporting metrics and demographic targeting. Click-through, attribution, and video completion rates can be tracked for campaign effectiveness.

With real-time optimization of ad delivery, these data points are crucial to ensuring impressions land on the most relevant devices. Creative version, websites/apps, phone type, and demographic data can all help to adjust where impressions land to drive engagement. All of this is done through anonymized, aggregated, and compliant methods.

Final Thoughts

HMN’s hypothesis was Point of Care is a mobile engagement enhancer—and we were right. Our latest win showed a 50% boost in mobile ad engagement when paired with a PoC ad in the same location. We are betting big on mobile at Health Media Network.

Connect with HMN and drive strategy with HMN Mobile Health.


Steve Surace is Health Media Network’s VP of Digital Strategy, Technology & Distribution. Steve can be reached via email at