DARIEN, Conn., Mar. 6, 2018 Health Media Network (HMN), a leading and trusted Digital Point of Care company, announced today it completed three acquisitions in the past 90 days, including Healthcare News Network (HNN), iPORT Media, and CaerVision’s digital assets.

These acquisitions continue to strengthen HMN’s extensive portfolio of patient education media, currently at 299,656 media touchpoints, reaching 300,225 Healthcare Professionals – resulting in an estimated 391MM+ patient and caregiver impressions annually. Included in the 3 acquisitions are HNN’s patient education channel in hospitals, iPORT Media’s education media, and CaerVision’s Veterinary assets which will immediately bolster PetCareTV, HMN’s Veterinary Waiting Room Network.

As innovation and improvement of the patient experience continues to be critical in healthcare, HMN is committed to providing better ways for both physicians and patients to engage and further drive that critical conversation around health decisions. HMN has always been at the forefront of innovation and continues to be so through the acquisition of companies that are committed to delivering robust technologies, as well as brands that are aligned with the mission of improving meaningful patient experiences. HMN’s core competencies include digital communication platforms in Physician Waiting Rooms, Hospital Systems, and the most robust mobile activation for brands in the Point of Care industry.

“These three (3) acquisitions were early adopters in health educational media. Integrating these assets is consistent with HMN’s framework of measured growth to drive scale and revenue,” said Christopher J. Culver, CEO of Health Media Network. “HMN seeks innovative ways to expand meaningful reach for advertisers, while continuing to deliver valuable education for our patient population.”

HMN is a trusted industry leader in the Point of Care space and will continue to provide best-in-class content, support, and service to Physician Waiting Rooms and Medical Centers.

About Health Media Network (HMN)
Health Media Network (HMN), is a leading and trusted Digital Point of Care media company. HMN provides targeted health education in Physician Waiting Rooms and Hospital Systems to advance consumer health literacy and facilitate better doctor/patient conversations.

With 299,656 media touchpoints, reaching 300,225 Healthcare Professionals, and the most robust mobile health activation in the Point of Care market, HMN impacts an estimated 391MM+ patient and caregiver impressions annually. As the first-to-market with 30 specialty health networks, Health Media Network provides physicians and brands with the ability to segment with customized messaging—with the overall goal of improving health population outcomes.
For more information, visit http://www.hmnads.com.

About Healthcare News Network (HNN)
HNN educates patients by providing information, expertise, and support for the medical community. HNN connects Patients and Families with the Physicians and Hospitals they need to find solutions and stay healthy. HNN builds the networks that bring patients and the medical community together.

About CaerVision
CaerVision’s (Clinical Advancement Education Resources) corporate mission is to improve health through education. CaerVision Corporation currently builds, owns and operates waiting-room and treatment room digital media network that provides customizable education and advertising information to patients in physician offices, employees in corporate centers and customers in business locations.

About iPORT Media
iPORT Media’s vision is to be the industry’s most effective online marketing and education media network. iPORT Media provides targeted content that can be customized by medical professionals, and can be shown in patient reception areas, exam rooms, and on practice’s websites.

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