Wait Times in Doctors’ Offices Have Increased 30% in Major U.S. Cities Since 2014.*
And will continue to do so.

Wait times in doctors’ offices are expected to increase as the number of annual office visits increases to approximately 565 million in 2025.

More people are entering the healthcare system:

  • The Affordable Care Act – 8 million additional patients with another 24 million by 2024
  • Aging Baby Boomer Population – 55 million+ over 65 by 2020
  • Millennial Women – 80 million with 64% of females citing healthcare as their number one concern++
  • Audience includes both patient and caregivers – i.e., new moms, aging caregivers

Consumers are visiting Point of Care venues:

  • Physician offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals

Practices are tasked with managing how to improve patient experiences as they continue to spend more time in doctors’ offices. Practice satisfaction and recommendations to others is at the forefront of challenges in the healthcare system. Sometimes long waits are unavoidable.  The front office patient experience is a critical time for both healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.


Turn Wait Time into Brand Time

Nearly (95%) all doctor’s office visitors who noticed the Health Media Network television spent a portion of their time in the waiting room watching the programming.+

“The comfort of the environment, the aesthetics of the room and television sets can change someone’s perception of a long wait.”*


That’s where Health Media Network steps in.

As one of the leading and trusted healthcare media networks in the U.S., we can leverage the power of the Point of Care environment for your business. You will reach patients and providers where healthy lifestyle and healthcare decisions are being made—at the doctor’s office.

Our communication platform of Digital Waiting Room Screens, Wallboards, and Mobile Solutions provides you with the ability to reach your target market with brand messages that will help guide them toward making better decisions about their health—which ultimately leads to better outcomes for both patients and the brands who help them.


Reach this Powerful Market When and Where It Matters Most

Contact us and find out how we can put the power of Point of Care marketing to work for you.

Source: *athenainsights, 2018; + Nielsen Brand Recall Study for HMN|2014; ++Skimm Studies, May 2017


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