65 Million Baby Boomers over the Age of 55 in the U.S. in 2020

They are the most powerful force in the health system today, and as with everything else they touch, they will transform healthcare as they age. As a group, they have an appetite to be in control and empowered. There will be approximately 3 million Boomers hitting retirement age each year for the next twenty years. This will create great challenges, as well as opportunities, for the healthcare system.

  • More than 6 of every 10 Boomers will be managing more than one chronic condition
  • Over 21 million will be considered obese
  • 14 million will be living with diabetes
  • 26 million will be living with arthritis
    Source: When I’m 64How Boomers Will Change Healthcare, American Hospital Association Report

The Surge of Baby Boomers in Doctors’ Offices

Boomers have more education than the previous generation did, and seek to be more involved with healthcare decision-making.

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