Caregiving is on the rise.

As the Baby Boomer segment (approximately 70+ million) ages, the need for caregiving will additionally increase. Caregiving services from loved ones or outsourcing is one of healthcare’s biggest trends.

Millions of people in the U.S. are taking on the caregiving role and being affected. The universe of caregivers is a huge and diverse group. It is a vital role and oftentimes viewed as “the second patient.”  Caregivers are making just as many healthcare decisions as the patients themselves. They are a critical and important contributor regarding shared decision making to drive better health outcomes and results for their loved ones.


How many caregivers are there in the U.S. and what are their biggest issues?



HMN brings together physicians, patients, and brands

HMN is your brand advocate and supplemental sales force assuring seamless brand messaging when and where it is needed most. Consumers are visiting Point of Care venues from physician offices and hospitals to pharmacies. With a greater influx of patients in the healthcare environment, strengthening the conversation between HCPs and patients and their caregivers has never been more important.


Caregivers are making healthcare decisions

As one of the leading healthcare media networks in the U.S., we can leverage the power of the Point of Care environment for your business.

Our communication platform of Digital Waiting Room Screens, Wallboards, and Mobile Solutions provides you with the ability to reach your target market with brand messages that will help guide them toward making better decisions in partnership with their doctor’s recommendation.


Be at the Intersection of the Doctor and Patient Discussion

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