About HMN

Launched in 2007, Health Media Network (HMN) is the fastest growing point-of-care media company in the U.S. We deliver customized programming to highly-targeted audiences making it more relevant and appealing for patients and caregivers while they wait to see their physician.

HMN reaches over 35,000 physicians and millions of patients and caregivers in the waiting rooms of medical offices and healthcare facilities nationwide. We provide education and health content utilizing 25 specialty health networks covering a range of topics that include condition management, treatments, preventative care and healthy lifestyle tips. All content is professionally written and reviewed by a medical advisory board. HMN programming is provided to physician's free-of-charge.

And as the industry leader in television IP addressable technology, HMN is able to display specific health information in one waiting room and entirely different content in another waiting room. This allows for customized content by medical specialty and a targeted audience for marketers.

HMN's 360 degree approach to the medical waiting room also offers in-office brochure distribution, a poster/wallboard network, mobile marketing and custom publishing services.

To learn more about HMN for your healthcare facility or advertising clients, please call us at 212-358-4000 or toll-free at 866-777-4445.